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YES! Z Nation has inspired this (nothing to do with Z Nation’s pilot episode)

The hook in Z Nation - Spoilers - is that they have a dude who is immune to Zombie-ism through their bites.

I didn’t think that was a special thing, I had that idea in a failed comic book attempt a few years ago.

I have zero experience in script writing. Hell, I have a hard time writing in general. Also - I HAVE no artistic ability. I cannot draw. 

Oh and I was doing both duties on this comic.

The art was being done through a video game - The Movies. It allows you to setup scenes, characters, and camera angle. I could set the scene and grab screen shots…then take those screen shots and send them thru photoshop filters to give it a sketch-ier look.

SO! and I’ve done blogs on this before. BUT, what I didn’t do was give away the story…I’m going to do that now.

A group of bank robbers rob a bank. BOOM! Zombie outbreak! Yeah, it’s pretty simple but the keys for the book was the fact that these robbers know about zombies from movies. 

Also, one of the robbers was working with the cops against his will. So, near the end of the issue, the rat and the cop throw down, while the cop is a zombie. The rat gets bit and decides to live life as a zombie, the only hook, he never turns.

Everyone else does, so later when society has broken down, he becomes the key in saving the world. 

So what happened? My scope wasn’t lining up with the scenes in the video game. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do and couldn’t work around a way to do what I wanted. 

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Daredevil Costumes

The way Tim Sale draws this costume, totally works…the first DD costume

Then there’s the Red costume that has been around forever

The short lived and mostly hated armored costume (which I like BTW)

the shorter lived Undercover in France costume - Flying Blind

Daredevil in…a fat suit

Shadowland was a more recent costume change 

a lil bit off track - Darkdevil

oh and Earth X Daredevil! 

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While the coast was clear, I snuck a peek at the baby birds who are nested outside my home office window

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