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Top 5 | Those quirky FBI Agents of movie & TV

I’ve just started watching Twin Peaks and, of course, the stand out performance is FBI Agent Cooper. This offbeat character reminded me of the other strange FBI Agents I’ve enjoyed in movies & TV over the years, so I made a little list! 

Agent Dale Cooper is quirky (to say the least). He, literally, follows his dreams!

Agent Paul Smecker. He wants to do good. 

Agent Milton Dammers, he doesn’t like to be touched and not a big fan of the ladies.

Agents Johnson & Johnson, no relation

Agents Mulder & Scully. He’s a go get em type crazy person and she’s a no nonsense non believer WHO never believes her own eyes! 

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The story behind my comics today…

I had no plans to go to the comic shop today, I need a long box but wasn’t going into town just for one. Also, I had to get the mountain of laundry done…my washing machine was out of order. SO! This was the plan - run loads of laundry up to my parents house (5 minute drive) and start the laundry while my wife worked on the washer (she’s awesome like that)

So, while making the 3rd, or 4th trip, my parents mentioned they were just at an antique shop and they had boxes of comics. I was intrigued to say the least. We have plenty of antique sops around PEI but I never go to them.

So I went back home, asked my wife if she wanted to go to this antique shop. It was 2pm, the place closed at 4pm. My wife was just finishing the washer fix and was all sweaty and dirty (she’d not appreciate this part of the story)

So it looked like we’d go tomorrow. BUT, she cleans up quick and nicely so we decide to head over, it’s about a 25 minute drive away.

It’s a pretty good sized antique shop. First thing I noticed, they had a lot of old shit that was pricey! Anyway, I found the boxes and started flipping through them. 

There was some good stuff. Here’s what I got, I might go back in a couple of weeks but I got my ‘most wanted’ which included a couple of gems.

This cover has a blank bar code, I googled but couldn’t find out why

Remember Questprobe?? I do :)

My 1st gem, always wanted this! 

and issue 5! Amazing cover by Mike Zeck!

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Great X-Pectations : Great X-Pectations Ep. 25: Beyond the Farthest Star


Episode 25 is now available for download!

Explicit Content

Sean and Gerry discuss Uncanny X-Men #162-167!

MUSIC INTRO - “Infected” - Bad Religion

Out with the Cockrum, in with the Smith!
Scolding the listeners for turning on Gerry in the Strucker Sketch Challenge.
Charles Xavier is not a nice person.
Claremont’s “wordiness” and what we think about it (again…)
Wolverine’s heavy drug use leads to interesting life choices
Why Cockrum is perfect for this story
Wolverine hooking up with Carol Danvers?/Kitty Pryde?/Storm?
The Brood Queen is an early hint that Marvel and Disney will unite.
The Brood as the stuff of nightmares.
Plotting the death of Wolverine then and now.
Shooter’s New Universe and the New New Universe by Ellis and Larocca.
The fate of Fang I.
Michael Golden’s Superprint
Colossus: Weakest willed X-Man?
X-Ladies go crazy in Shi’ar space!
Holiday special!
X-Mas comes early for Chloe and Finn
R.I.P. Saturday morning cartoons.
Gabe Kaplan
Illyana ignored as a potential New Mutant.
The relationship between Storm’s powers and the Earth.
CBS Saturday Starcade
Stevie “Sympathy” Hunter
The first appearance of Karma - created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller
Professor X tries to pull a Stevie, Moira ain’t having it.
Kris Anka as the PMS of today’s X-Men?
Atari 2600 Spider-Man video game ad
The Brood/Acanti relationship is really the Dark Crystal?
Princess Lilandra: Silverhawk?
The X-Men come face-to-face with the New Mutants for the first time!
Professor X overcome by the Brood, and gets a new clone body!!!

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Comic Books - A State of them, if you will

I wrote about 12 different openings to this, none really capture the feeling of what I wanted to say.

So I’ll just say it. 

Comic books, for me, are(or is) a personal hobby of mine that provides me entertainment. Whether it’s reading them or hunting wanted issues down, it’s all about the bass (dated reference!)

It’s all about the comic book. 

And through out my life, my relationship with comics has been a personal one. I didn’t discuss them with a lot of people, I didn’t have anyone around me IRL that collected comics. 

Sure, I could chat up my LCS owner, but even then, it was short and sweet. 

Then came the Internet and twitter and now, we have this whole - comic book community. Although, I’m still not immersed in it. 

I can throw in some comments now and then. I can agree or disagree with other’s on what’s good and bad about, well, not just the stories, but the overall issues that come with being part of a community. 

I rarely do, but that’s fine with me. I don’t have the time to get into several debates on differing issues. I got shit to do. That’s not to say, those who do are somehow bad, or whatnot. It’s all fine (like I said). 

This is the best time to be a comic book reader. There are a huge selection of titles to choose from. Hell, there are a bunch of comic book websites, forums, podcasts, etc etc (and by etc, etc I mean you can find ANYTHING to do with any part of comics….)

With the good, comes the ugly (I’m skipping bad, because bad is …well, bad. I might like comic X, you may not, done!) 

The good is great! Which makes the whole - there’s good seem silly - but hear me out. 

We have some of the best comics around. That’s just part of it though. We also have access to some of the people that make those comics. 

This year I met a hand full of them when I attended my first comic expo. Some were chatty, some weren’t but they were still pleasant. All of them signed stuff for me. I bought some stuff from creators I would not normally have and I enjoyed it! 

I also met some local creators, who again, were very pleasant and I picked up stuff from them. All in all, great time. Everyone should have a great time at cons. 

Do you like to make comics? I mean, I don’t have the skill, the talent, the time, the _____. I’m totally ok with that. BUT if you have any of that stuff, this is the best time to make them! Throw them on the web. BOOM! Dream come true for some. 

There’s also an ugliness to comic books that comes out when we live in this information overload driven thing-y called the WWW. We hear of wrongs that happen all the time. We get to see some of the nasty ugly things that take place …that has to do with our hobby.

I hardly get deeply involved (online) with these debates and whatnot. It’s not because I’m sitting back saying, this is bullshit or question it. I work with what I can control. If someone was being a huge asshole at my LCS, I’d say something. I mean, it hasn’t happened while I was there but I’m the type to do that kind 

I try to expose comic books to my kids, but they are their own people and if they like them, or don’t …it’s ok. By this, I bought comics for both my son and daughter, I didn’t try to give Batman to my son and Batgirl to my daughter. A comic is a comic and if they ever do get into them, they have a huge range to choose from (like I said earlier, pay attention!)

Turns out, my son, no interest in comics whatsoever. My daughter likes them but likes drawing way more, so, I can encourage stuff like that. 

So what’s the point of this huge thing? Like comics, in a way, there is no point. They are there for enjoyment. I see people on twitter that just seem like they don’t enjoy comics yet keep talking about them. They might just be louder about what they don’t like, but to me, if you don’t like comics, don’t read them.

Don’t be quick to anger. I know we live in a up-to-the-second type world. Sometimes it’s nice to see how things play out. If something bothers you, speak up. Speak up in your way. I mean, be constructive, or as constructive as possible. 

Christ, this is sounding like a - don’t be hatin’ - piece. It’s really not. If you want to hate, hate. I have the choice to listen, or not. 

In fact, this isn’t really a piece that has a defined point. Really, just thoughts. I’ve been reading & collecting comics for a long time now. I would never say - the good old days - that’s silly. If I believed that, I’d probably just buy and read back issues. Things are good, really good. There are problems, but not everything IS a problem. When everything seems to be a problem and becomes a problem, it over shadows the real problems. 

Good thing I can spell problem right :) 

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YES! Z Nation has inspired this (nothing to do with Z Nation’s pilot episode)

The hook in Z Nation - Spoilers - is that they have a dude who is immune to Zombie-ism through their bites.

I didn’t think that was a special thing, I had that idea in a failed comic book attempt a few years ago.

I have zero experience in script writing. Hell, I have a hard time writing in general. Also - I HAVE no artistic ability. I cannot draw. 

Oh and I was doing both duties on this comic.

The art was being done through a video game - The Movies. It allows you to setup scenes, characters, and camera angle. I could set the scene and grab screen shots…then take those screen shots and send them thru photoshop filters to give it a sketch-ier look.

SO! and I’ve done blogs on this before. BUT, what I didn’t do was give away the story…I’m going to do that now.

A group of bank robbers rob a bank. BOOM! Zombie outbreak! Yeah, it’s pretty simple but the keys for the book was the fact that these robbers know about zombies from movies. 

Also, one of the robbers was working with the cops against his will. So, near the end of the issue, the rat and the cop throw down, while the cop is a zombie. The rat gets bit and decides to live life as a zombie, the only hook, he never turns.

Everyone else does, so later when society has broken down, he becomes the key in saving the world. 

So what happened? My scope wasn’t lining up with the scenes in the video game. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do and couldn’t work around a way to do what I wanted. 

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Daredevil Costumes

The way Tim Sale draws this costume, totally works…the first DD costume

Then there’s the Red costume that has been around forever

The short lived and mostly hated armored costume (which I like BTW)

the shorter lived Undercover in France costume - Flying Blind

Daredevil in…a fat suit

Shadowland was a more recent costume change 

a lil bit off track - Darkdevil

oh and Earth X Daredevil!